Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9 years...HOLY MOLY!

Today is mine and Dave's 9th Wedding Anniversary! Holy Moly time sure does fly!
I sure LOVE him! 
He is pretty swell.
Sometimes he spends too much money on things at NPS.
But I guess I spend too much money at Sephora.
He says battery so cute, and he is SUPER TICKLISH!
Dave is such a hard worker and is valued at his job.
He is a great father and the girls are convinced that he hangs the moon.
I love the way he kisses me every morning as he is rushing off to work.
I even love how he talks in his sleep.  "Money Money Money"   "Don't touch it, you'll break it."
He is the one to make the Koolaide, cause I don't add enough sugar he says....and I love that "Koolaide" is now his job.
Dave is 90% oblivious to most conversations...and that is okay.
Dave loves to work on cars, and I love to complain about it.
Dave supports me in all that I do.
He even supports my shopping habit...and that's a big deal.
He loves Yogurt, and I buy it for him...even though it is the devils food.
Dave is in love with his two little princesses and gets excited when he sees them after a long day.
Dave can make friends with EVERYONE!
I Love him so much!
He is my best friend!
He is a wonderful father, and the girls are lucky to have him as their daddy!
I am lucky to get him for Eternity!
We are blessed!
It's been a FANTASTIC 9 YEARS!



Leah said...

Ahhhh...I love all the little things you wrote about Dave. It makes my heart feel so good that you have such a great husband. (and he's pretty lucky to have you as a wife too)

I love that Families can be together forever. :)Isn't that so great to makes me happy just thinking about it.

Yeppiee to Nine wonderful years and Two DARLING little girls. I hope you all had a great anniversary.


Mary Ann Carlile said...

That was a fun post to read! And I found myself nodding my head as I read through your list. Spot on! Happy Anniversary!

Marinda said...

wow, nine years! crazy how time flies. i am so glad that dave found someone who loves him as much as you do!