Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello Tooth Fairy

Even though today I'm bummed out...and having a pity party...and questioning my worth...I remembered I forgot to post that Elle lost her first tooth last week.
Isn't she cute?


Ishihara Family said...

Just look at her and then tell me you are not amazing! Pick yourself up and get out of the house and remember your are amazing and Heavenly Father loves you.....and so do so many other people!

mattandheather said...

Beautiful picture, she is such a sweetheart! So how much did the tooth fairy end up bringing her for her first tooth?

Mary Ann Carlile said...

She's a doll. And I agree with the first comment - looking at your children, you should be one proud person. Hang in there!

Marinda said...

wow, i can't believe she has lost her first tooth! she is growing up too fast!