Monday, June 28, 2010

Kinda Rude!

I just opened up my email to find a lovely message from a photographer that said this:

"Yet another girl with a camera that thinks they can moonlight as a photographer without the proper education and real world experience. I hope you feel great about ruining peoples once in a life time events with badly exposed, badly lit, awfully composed images that were taken with some cheap camera. You are not a photographer, you are a camera owner."

I got this after I posted an ad on KSL looking for Brides to build my portfolio.
She sent it right after I posted...I know she didn't have time to see my work.  But it kinda hurts...okay...really hurts.
Oh. P.S. this is from Nancy at STUDIO 1 obviously don't go to them....they're rude!


Ashley Barnum said...

I agree that there are a lot of women out there right now who are calling themselves photographers just because they have a camera and some editing software. I actually know quite a few personally, but I think you've got a talent and I like your work so far. I think you're doing great. Don't let people tear you down. Keep working on your talent and see where it takes you!
And classes are always a good thing, even seasoned photographers should be keeping up to date on current equipment and methods.

Katey said...

I just looked at her website and I don't like her style at all! Who is she to say that to anyone?! Really... some people. I love your work. I think people get nervous that it's no longer a field where they have total domination and charge whatever they want! I love that you are using their talents and say screw the haters!

Danielle said...

i agree with both above comments. i actually got a really nice camera awhile ago, wanting to get in to the field. i have always loved taking pictures and thought, 'why not?' but it seems everywhere i turn, people (especially stay-at-home moms) are doing it and i hate that. well, let me rephrase, i hate that for ME, love it for them. everyone should be able to do what they love (unless it's killing people or something) so just forget about that loser!!!

Nick and Tanya and Family said...

STUDIO 1 is HORRIABLE, they ruined my sisters wedding, and they hired a photographer off the street to do her wedding that had no idea what he was doing then they refused to give her the prints she pre paid for I wrote lots of warning about them they are also known as xposed photography and they are the worst company!

The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

that should just give you fuel to do better and show people you are a photographer! Kandis you take really pretty pictures...don't give up on your dreams, and NEVER let anyone tell you, you can't do something. :)

Mary said...

I checked out her website too. There is something on her comment page that says, "if you have received an email from a email address it was NOT from Studio 1. It was a hoax"

I don't know what email address you got it from, but I thought it was worth mentioning. You would think that if someone was out there doing garbage like that, the amount of NEGATIVE publicity would sorely come back to bite them.

Keep taking photos, Kandis. You do a WONDERFUL job!

Hogans Hotties said...

Kandis don't listen for one minute i have had 2 people tell me how amazing you are and compared you to some pretty big names and they said you were better, so just don't listen you are amazing. I think there are the people out there that go buy a camera and think they can do it but you are not one of those, just remember that, you have the training and plan on continue to train and ARE AMAZING already which is great because I can't imagine how you can get better! Love ya girl!!!