Friday, July 2, 2010

Goodbye Kindergarten

Elle had her last day of kindergarten today.
She was SO sad!
Last night as I was tucking her into bed I reminded her that she needed to get her rest because tomorrow was her last day of kindergarten.  
Well I should have NEVER said that!
She started crying.
Not just any hyperventilating cry!
She kept saying over and over how much she is going to miss her teacher.

Then she would say "my heart is hurting."
It broke my heart.
She then decided to hop out of bed.
I wasn't sure where she was going but she headed down the hall to find her daddy.
Then she asked him to give her a fathers blessing.
She is terrified to go to first grade in August, and she was so sad to leave her class and her teacher.
So of course her daddy gave her a sweet fathers blessing.
She cried for about another hour in her room.  It was heart was truly broken.
This morning when I dropped her off at school she got emotional in the car.  When she got out of the car she said "This is going to be a tough day"
I felt so bad for my little princess.
She has horrible anxiety about growing up, and I know finishing kindergarten didn't help her anxiety.

So does anyone have any suggestions how to help her get over this fear of becoming older.  
I have tried to make growing older sound fun, and I tell her about all the fun things 
she'll be able to do.....
She isn't buying it.
So any suggestions for my munchkin would be great!



mattandheather said...

I think that you are doing all the right things, and everything that a mom can do. How awesome is it that she is that young and knows to go ask her daddy for a Father's Blessing? You are an amazing mommy, love you!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Wow - I have never met a child that doesn't really want to grow up, so I have no advice...sorry! What a sweetheart though. She really does have a sweet heart.

Ashley Barnum said...

I think it will just take time. Once she gets into her new class and makes friends and is having fun, she'll be okay. Jonah cried and cried when he realized that Mrs. Anderson wouldn't be his teacher in first grade. I had to reassure him that he could still see her in the halls and maybe sometimes we could go say hello to her in her classroom after school.