Monday, July 5, 2010

There's a party in the USA! HAPPY 4th!

There's a song by Martina McBride that says "Let Freedom Ring, let the white dove sing"...once my sister thought is said "Let Freedom Ring...let the white dog sing." BWAHHHHHH...just thought I'd share that!


The Independence Day Celebration with my family was FANTASTIC!

We went to my sweeties family's house on  Saturday Morning and stayed for a little while.
We had a super swell BBQ with the Mad BBQing skills brought to us by Anthony.
The COOLEST snowcones EVER by none other then Janet and Sean....or I like to refer to them as (in they're going to know" SEANET.
A fabulous Blow up Waterslide, and a stellar flag cake by Mike and Marinda.
And I pretty much did nothing...boy am I lame!

HOWEVER as lame as I am.....I wasn't so lame to forget my camera and capture some fun moments!

Ava and Alaina polishing of a BIG BOWL of Doritos!

Or a Giant Homemade Water Slide!

Ava and Connor loved the slide so so much! It's safe to say they are the resident dare devils!

Elle? She didn't love it as much!

Ava Enjoyed spraying everyone with the hose!

But Elle didn't love being sprayed

Then we went back to my house where we had another kick'n bbq with my family!

Elle and Lexi (my niece) are best buddies and had to pose together.
(please don't pay attention to the messy was a long day of playing)

And of course my little firecracker!

And then there were FIREWORKS!

It was a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday America!


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Mary Ann Carlile said...

I love the pictures of the waterslide! That's awesome that Ava loved it so much. I had to laugh at her holding the fireworks and wrinkling up her little's just too cute!