Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Bucket List

I've been thinking about the awesome and crazy, and super cool things I want to do before I die.

So here is my Bucket List!

See Asia
Go to Bora Bora and sleep in an overwater bungalow.
Ride in the cockpit of an airplane.
Hire a maid to do my laundry.
Become a motivational speaker.
Have a traveling boutique.
Be a renowned photographer.
Not have a mortgage.
Buy a brand new car with cash (not a used car..we've done that)
Travel the world in a cruise ship.
Go to the Maldives.
Win Publishers Clearing House.
Once a year have a girl friends trip and meet somewhere new each year.
Not worry about weight or food.
Own a cupcake shop.
Have a new outfit for everyday of the month.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Go sky diving 
Start a self-esteem boosting campaign.
See my girls married.
See my girls have children.
See my grandchildren get married.
Be a cute old lady.
Age well.
Be happy with my body.
Dance with my old dancing friends again.
Learn to surf.
Knit a king size blanket
Not listen to negative people and "boot" them out of my life.
Walk the Great Wall of China
Make a huge discovery.
Always have a fresh pedicure.
Learn to like yogurt.
Be my children's best friend.
Finish my basement.
Have loyal friendships.
Learn a new language.
Become a pen pall with someone half way across the world and then meet that person face to face.
Find my camera I lost in 1994 at the Miss America Pageant.
Learn to Love Myself!

What is your bucket list?



The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

what a great bucket need to get started :) i can't wait to read about some of these that you can check off.


mh said...

Wow! You set your goals a lot higher than me! It makes me want to redo my list. It sounds so fun. I hope you get to accomplish a lot of these goals! Fun read!

mattandheather said...

I love some a lot of the things on your bucket list, in fact I think that some of them you need to do witha friend, just like in the movie. Unfortunately I am not the rich friend, but I would gladly save and love to do some of them with you...we could have such fun, yay! :)