Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet Six!

Elle is such a darling little girl!
She just turned six and I planned a cute party for her.
Elle had a great day, but when she was being tucked in that night she said to me "Mom, doesn't anybody like me?"  When I asked her why this is what she said "cause none of my friends came to my party."
She had some cousins there, but none of her friends showed up.  I felt so sad for her.  
But all in all it was a fun day.

I made tons of "sweets" and we rented a cotton candy machine....we watched a movie outside after it got dark.  It was a fun evening.
Thanks to those family members who sent gifts, cards and who came.
We love you!



Nay Family said...

What a fun looking party!! I know how sad it is about friends not showing up, Colin's 6th birthday we invited friends from his school and not one of them showed up, only his cousins...but this year almost every single one of them showed up, I wonder if parents are just uneasy still at that age..?? idk, but for whatever reason it changed this year.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Looks like fun! I bet Elle loved it all! I have learned that with Tori's birthday being in the summer, it is so hard to find a time where everyone can come. I have yet to be able to figure that out! Especially weekend parties - they're the worst to get people to, because of all their summer trips! Tell Elle that we all love her very much. It seems like we are rotating with the George family too! Last year there were not many Georges, and this year not many Broadheads! Sometimes I wish Tori had a birthday in the school year because everyone is home and she still has strong connections with school friends that don't fade during the summer. If you ever get it figured out, let me know! Haha!

mattandheather said...

It looked like such a fun party! You are such a good mom! I had fun on my vacation but after seeing the party, um I wish I was there, your sweet treats I bet were amazing! We will come by sometime this week to give Elle her present. The boys have been chomping at the bit waiting for her to have it. :)

Heidi and Tony said...

What a sweet, cute girl she is! Your party and treats look incredible. Too bad I wasn't closer so we could let our girls play. Happy Birthday Elle!

Sarah said...

What a fun party! Now I want cotton candy. Yummm

Happy Birthday Elle!