Friday, July 30, 2010

This week in photoshop.

I am in love with the new set of actions I bought from TRA!
I can't even stand it!

There is so much you can do when you understand how to use layers and actions. 
I took this picture of Elle back in May and I decided to re-edit it, 
using some of the new actions that I got.

The Jibber Jabber.

I took this picture in RAW and did the basic editing in  RAW. Again if you haven't switched to shooting in RAW you should.

The following I did using TRA set one actions. (which is awesome...can't wait to buy set 2)

Using Yin and Yang, at 20% flow and 30% opacity I lightened and darkened the sky and clouds...making them appear more "Moody"...oh I love the moody cloud look.

I used a little bit of "Yin" on her skin at 2% flow and 10% opacity to give her a little bit of glow and luminosity.

Using the Big Blue action at 20% flow and 20% opacity I made the clouds a little bit bluer, and a bit of her dress a little more blue.

Then I used the Green with Envy action at 70% flow and 50% opacity to make the little bit of vegetation behind the water a little more lush.

After all this I gave it Oh Snap at 20% opacity and I turned on the lights for a little bit of brightness.


It was a good picture to begin with, now it's a interesting and bold picture.

If you have questions for me about using layers and actions feel free to ask.  There are tons of free actions that you can download online and many you can buy too.




Just me and my girls said...

I love your pics, I am just starting out with Photoshop and would love some more pointers if you would be willing!!!

I loved Jen's pics of her and Ben that you took. Melissa said you are also taking her family's pics, can't wait to see them.

mattandheather said...

I love how the colors turned out! You never cease to amaze me!!