Thursday, July 22, 2010

This week in photoshop.

I stopped for awhile showing everyone what I was learning and playing with in Photoshop because I kinda had the wind taken out of my sails.  But then I got to thinkin'....I really enjoy sharing with you.  So those who are interested in photography can learn something from me and I can learn from sharing and learn from others.

The Jibber Jabber!

First I shot this picture in RAW which if you haven't switched to RAW do it!!!!!!

I actually didn't have to mess with anything when opened in RAW with this that was awesome!
When I got it into Photoshop this is what I did.

First I used Pro Retouch on her skin just to even it out.  I used the flow at a few low setting around 6% flow.

Then I sharpened a few of the small details such as the front of her hat, the flower and her lashes, as well as parts of her hair.

After that I used TRA yin and yang on her face....just a tiny little bit...just to taste.

Then I gave it a little snappiness to sharpen, and turned on the lights a little....(using curves I adjusted right smack in the middle a bit.)
And VIOLA!!!!!


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