Wednesday, January 18, 2012

God's Gift

I recently had an altercation with a person.  This person I adored when I first met but somewhere along the lines she became less sweet and her true colors started showing.

I received a extremely attacking email from her and she took some personal blows.
One thing she said to me was "you think you're Gods Gift to the world."

I was immediately offended because I have never thought I was better then anyone, or that I am the best.
I only strive to do my best.
As I was crying to a Facebook friend about that hurtful comment she said to me.

"Oh but love, You are God's Gift to the world.  He said so when he made you."

That little bit of encouragement was all I needed.

This Facebook friend I have never met, we have two different faiths and live in two different states, but she was inspired to remind me that in God's eyes I am a gift, I am a miracle.  We all are.

I will forever be grateful for that bit of inspiration.


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