Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

I have never been the kind of person that gets excited about a new year, mainly because closing out the previous year reminds me of the time that has gone by and how much I did not do.  It also reminds me of how fast my littles are growing.  I don't like that ONE bit.

HOWEVER I have decided I was going to embrace it this year.  I am actually excited what this year will entail.  I plan on doing a lot.  A lot with my personal life and a lot with my business.
Mainly I plain to balance both better.

I want to be a better mother to my princesses and a better business women.
I want to be a better friend and a better all round person.
I find myself getting lost in the shuffle and really I am sick of it.  So I have decided the best way to find balance is to live in the now.
Will this mean I will blog more? Who knows, but I have decided if I am going to blog it's going to be for me and nobody else.  If there are readers AWESOME...if not I don't care.  If I blog I am going to blog about whateves, and if the critics come running so be it.

I am going to try to be a better example of Christ this year too.  Elle is getting baptized this year and we have talked a lot about her taking the name of Christ on her.  It has reminded me that I've done that too and there's times that I am not such a great example of him, so as I am going to try to lead by example for my littles I must do better.

Ava started sunbeams..I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!
She loved it!

So this year is a year of progress for all of us.
Dave will graduate college (It's about TIME!)
And I am hoping to grow in my business, and my personal life.
Our family would love to grow in numbers but for now it's just us four! 

Happy 2012 everyone!

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Mary Ann Carlile said...

Lovely pics of the girls! Good luck on your new year - sounds like it has fun things in store!